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Transition to Naturals

Petrochemical fragrances have been added to everything from laundry soap, cleaning products, soap, body lotions and of course perfumes. They are loud and long lasting and can sometimes be hard to avoid. There is almost no ingredient transparency due to a fragrance loophole in the law so it is very difficult to assess which products are free from hormone disrupting ingredients. In many ways they have made people "nose blind" because they are so accustomed to these more chemical smells that it becomes hard to smell and recognize aromas in nature.

The more you can remove these synthetic highly scented products from your life the more space you are allowing to smell and experience natural scents (including food and wine). It's a way of slowly but surely re training your nose to be open and aware of the gentle and more gracious scents that the world has to offer that are often otherwise eclipsed by these very large and aggressive aromas that are so commonplace.