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Rasa Redwood Limited Edition in Celebration of Pomare’s Stolen Perfume’s Sixth Anniversary

Perfumer extracted organic passion fruit (aged and fresh from Santa Barbara) in a base of house made passionfruit and OUD perfumer alcohol (copper distillation- triple distilled), pink lotus, marigold, juhi ruh, frangipani, Kashmiri Saffron (Diaspora Spice Co), Ensar Ouds: Cambodian Oud Resin, Black Sumbawa Oud, Assam Organic, Dhul Q, Oud Extraordinaire, Aroha Yusuf. Selective Ouds: Burma Crown and Petra.
Foraged Aged Redwood Resin, Black Diamond Redwood Sap from 2020 fires, aged Redwood extractions, Indian Vanilla
30% plus level of dilution

Thanks to Ensar Oud who advised on the ouds in this vintage.

Rasa translates from Sanskrit to English as “the taste” but it can also mean a deeply connected feeling place, the energy that flows through you or a quality of art. This perfume is a meditation on the spiritual connectedness of Rasa. All of the ingredients in this scent have very sacred and universal meanings that have transcended time, religion and culture.
Oud is treasured in the Bhagavad Gita just as it is in the Quran and Old and New Testament. The aloeswood tree that Oud comes from is among the most ancient trees that trace human history. However it is the ancient redwood that reaches through our entire human history and beyond, having claimed the earth as home for 65 million years.
As we discover more and more that there are ancestral aspects to our sense of smell, I think there is something miraculous about smelling and connecting with these real ingredients that have meant so much to us and to those who came before us. I hope it will help you to remember some of the wisdom that we have left behind.

*Ships by December 3rd due to covid delay thanks for your patience

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Rasa Anniversary Limited Edition
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