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Piano Tuner

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2020 vintage Winner Perfume Foundation International Perfume of Year and Sustainable Brand Award

Batch 2

For my grandfather who I never met but who lives on in family legend, having spent his time on earth tuning pianos and playing jazz in Northern California and was never accused of being boring. When I think of him it's: a little booze, a little jazz, a lot of trouble and the sweet smell of redwoods.

Springbank 12 Year Scotch Whiskey, Bache Gabrielson XO Cognac, California Citrus, Foraged and upcycled redwood from Humboldt County 2020 using perfumer extractions of: bark, heartwood, sapwood, fallen and rescued old growth heartwood, black “Diamond” sap (from fires), fresh sap with some additional sap and bark aged six years, cones and needles, Hints of blackberry and Eureka native roses, Tahitian vanilla bean, 10 year aged labdanum

The extra layer of smoke is from the fires that hit the redwoods in the late summer of 2020. May we all be as resilient as the mighty redwood.

**Anything removed from the redwoods was done with knowledge of local ecosystem, soil and protective of regeneration. Cautious and limited removal of saps. The remainder of redwood ingredients such as old growth were rescued from a wood pile.

2021 Vintage will not be ready until November 2021 at very earliest

All sales are final.

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