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No To ‘0e Here or “For You My Love”

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  • Image of No To ‘0e Here or “For You My Love”
  • Image of No To ‘0e Here or “For You My Love”

Bright golden and red passionfruit (perfumer extracted), pink pineapple, lush jasmine, plumeria, white champa, heliotrope flowers, Kashmiri Saffron (ethically sourced), Grand Cru Raiatea Vanilla, New Zealand ambergris

No To ‘Oe Here (Tahitian) or For You My Love (English) was created as an exploration of all of the sensual and beautiful things one would wish the bring to their beloved: passionfruit, pink pineapples, saffron, and vanilla beans for the table while inhaling the smells of flowers on the ocean air: plumeria blossoms, jasmine, heliotrope flower and champa. It leaves the salty sweet dry down of skin that has been well kissed.

These whole ingredients were also chosen for their aphrodisiac qualities so that each wearer might be inclined to dance, make love or start some trouble.

Farming partner for the passionfruit is Sunrise Organic Farms and was created with fruit, without the use of isolates or synthetics of any kind.

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