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Heiva In Solitude 2021

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“To come together but be apart”
Heiva means to come together and is the name of a celebration of epic proportions which began in Tahiti. Now there are heivas around the world that happen every year in celebration of our Maohi culture and traditions. The Heiva opens with fire walking over lava rocks, and incorporates sports, fruits, flowers, drumming and the ori Tahiti (dance). This year is would have been the 140th Heiva Celebration in Papeete (although without competitions this year, and solely a cultural celebration). So many of the Heiva celebrations around the world happened online last year- this perfume is a sensory exploration of what it would have been like had we been able to come together; it is an aromatic song made while longing for family (during lockdown) and as a reminder that our ancestors are never that far away. I used as many ingredients as I could that were directly sourced from a Maohi island in an effort to include some of the energy and vibrations of the land and honor those who fought to keep these traditions and culture alive despite great obstacles.

All ingredients are real and whole without the use of isolates. Fruit aromatics are made from fruit using natural winemaking techniques. Any presence of aldehydes or esthers is natural and/ or from intentional fermentation by the perfumer. The minerality that runs throughout the composition is from the lava rocks and black pearls used in the aging process.
Heiva fruits (wild soursop, guava, sour mango,
pineapple, golden Lilikoi), A Rare Hydrodistillation of Ylang Extra Superiore, Hawaiian White Ginger Lily, Aged Blue Lotus, Blue Lotus and Golden Champa emanation, Tiare (Tahitian Gardenia), Premiere Cru Tahitian “Black Pearl” vanilla beans from Raiatea, Tahitian Monoi, Hawaiian Sandalwood, New Zealand Ambergris- Aged for six months on Tahitian Black Pearls and Lava Rocks