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Angel’s Share 2021

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Hampden Great House Edition.

May this help transport you to a Trelawny distillery where you can smell and taste pot- still rum as if for the first time.
Warm morning sea air and Jamaica Blue Mountain Single Estate Organic Coffee (high elevation, volcanic soil), Jamaican honeysuckle fruit, pineapple, guava, fleur de Jamaica, ginger lily, night blooming jasmine, Jamaican and Dominican cigar tobacco, Cambodian Diamond oud (from Selective Oud), Bahamian ambergris, hint of earth, and through it all the sweet and intoxicating amber of molasses rum aged in Trelawny, Jamaica.

“Angel’s Share” is the amount of rhum that evaporates during the rhum aging process. In tropical aging this can be 7% of a barrel or more (as much as 30%!) One year aging in the tropics would equal 3 years of aging elsewhere. Some aged rums have more than 60% angels share.

This is a 100% natural perfume made with the limited production Hampden Great House Rum that was grown, distilled, bottled and aged in Jamaica for their tasting room. This is the first bottling that this rum has ever been offered anywhere other than the Hampden Estate itself and I felt it’s aromatics needed to be celebrated.

**As with all products that are placed on skin and due to the fact that every body is different we recommend that you do a patch test before with this or any perfume. This particular scent contains some tobacco.

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