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Perfume and Wine

In wine and the culinary world wearing perfume at all is considered very unprofessional. How can you smell a truly great wine if your nose is blocked by a synthetic smell? And yet one spring day I was at a Barolo wine tasting in a jasmine filled patio- the blooms were the first of spring and completely filled the air. And yet it actually enhanced the experience of our wine and completely transported us. Jasmine actually grows in Piedmonte and thrives growing around the vineyard that created the Barolo we were drinking that day. Just like food and wine pairings: what grows together, goes together. The jasmine did not overwhelm the wine the way a synthetic perfume would because they were whole flowers existing in nature and were reflective of the very terroir that created that beautiful wine.

The more we can embrace the symbiosis of things in nature the more we open up our noses, or palettes and our hearts.

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