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The unique expression of place as expressed from soil to plant

Skin Contact

Skin contact usually refers to extending aging on the skins in wine- in perfume I use this phrase because some whole fruits require extended time aging on the skins prior to removal of the fruit. 


The amount of time a particular ingredient or perfume base has been aged. I have some redwood bark and sap tinctures that are years old. Aging gives a richness and a smoothness to certain ingredients. Sandalwood is known to show in spectacular fashion after years of aging.

Dry matter-

In wine this term refers to the additional dry matter in a wine (like riesling) that enhances its minerality or expression of terrior. In perfume, I use this phrase to refer to any small sediment that may be left over from tinctures. Leaving some in the final perfume is vital to the aromatics.


An organic farming method that works in concert with the lunar phases. 

Fruit and Flower Days-

According to the biodynamic calendar these are the best days to drink wine- where the aromatics are showing at their highest potential. I have found this to also apply to whole plant perfumes (perfume not made with synthetics or natural synthetics) due to the dry matter, the plant content of alcohol, tinctures, absolutes and essential oils. 


This phrase means different things to different people. Often this includes the use of natural isolates or non petrochemical synthetics. I prefer to stay away from isolates and seek to express the beauty of whole ingredients and the alchemy that they create together.

Whole plant based-

Perfume made with whole ingredients without the use of isolates or synthetic molecules.


Petrochemical based perfumes. 

Pairing -

Traditionally used in reference to food and wine pairing but can also refer to an aromatic wine pairing like natural perfume and wine. 

Retronasal Olfaction-

Mouth smell or ability to perceive flavor dimensions. Often very strong smells can be perceived on your palette.


Wine professional who has studied wine and food pairings. There are a number of certifying bodies- the most service based of these is The Court of Master Sommeliers.