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I grew up on a farm surrounded by the great Northern Maine woods, so when spring hit there was nothing more rewarding than the smell of thawing earth or spring grasses. My mother's family was from Tahiti so during long winters I would fantasize about what that warmth would smell like. As I got older I discovered that most things in a bottle captured none of these aromas in the way that I had imagined it. This is how I discovered natural perfume and began making tinctures and mixing oils and resins.

There are two other things that I credit with developing my nose: working as a sommelier and the "sensory" work that I used working as an actor. Specifically, my time training with Master Teacher Salome Jens of the Actors Studio, who always emphasized an embodiment of the senses.

My love of natural perfume led me through years of self study that included reading every book I could get my hands on and experimenting with less common raw ingredients. Encouraged by friends and family who enjoyed my creations, I launched Pomare's Stolen Perfume in October of 2015.

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